Thursday, 4 November 2010

Update Oct - Nov

Well it's been a really busy few weeks. I went and got my 120 film developed and there were some interesting pictures on there. Not all of them worked out but that's what you get with things like this. 

I love this shot above, it's one of my favourite's from New York.

I also had film in my Supersampler which I tried out. I like how it breaks the shot into four. This would be really good for action shots.

 There were some older pictures on the camera too. This one below is from when John, Chloe and I went to Paris a couple of years back. That was a great trip, very tiring though!

The next two photographs were taken in the garden of the V&A in London a few years ago. I went down on my own one day to visit some exhibitions. I love the V&A and the area it's in. It's so nice as well to sit in the gardens surrounding the Natural History Museum as it's such a beautiful building.

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