Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Newby Hall, Yorkshire.

My last project of the year is a wallpaper design project. My research involves visiting stately homes. Yesterday I visited Newby Hall, and the following photos are pictures I took in the gardens of the house. There were some beautiful plants and flowers, in about a months time they should all be out and flowering. I particularly loved the magnolia trees.

Pink magnolia's


Row's of magnolia trees

Tree stump

Monday, 11 April 2011

March Photo's

I have been using my iPhone a lot to take pictures and I'm really enjoying the effects you can get with some of the phone app's like Instagram and Hipstamatic. I've been experimenting with them, these are some of my favourite shots;



Chewing Gum

Fitting Room Pattern

Treeson Mini Series Figure

Papers in Paperchase

Drawing Experiment

Me :)

Feb/March Update - Drawing Module

We had a short drawing module that lasted about two weeks. The first part was drawing plants using different techniques that were given to us. The second part was to choose an object to draw using the same techniques. I chose the subject of chairs.

These are some of the drawings I produced;