Friday, 27 February 2009

Neckerchief number two - design process

These are my sketched sushi images for neckerchief design number 2. I'm going to be scanning these in later and importing them into Illustrator to make up a repeat pattern. I'll post a pic of this when I have it.

New artwork for Dalot

Last year I designed some artwork for a friends ep. Since this time Maria (Dalot) has moved to New York and also has a record company. So I updated the artwork for the new ep. Above is the template for the new ep with my artwork laid out. The images I used are all hand drawn by myself, scanned in and just placed in Photoshop. I believe this is going to print soon, hopefully it all turns out well and I wish her all the best with it.

Preparing to show at British Craft Trade Fair - April

So I haven't updated for a while. Been a bit slack, but now I've got my new phone it's a lot easier to document things and get them straight onto my MacBook.

At the moment I am designing and printing some neckerchiefs to show at the British Craft Trade Fair in April.

I'm at the stage of printing the first and designing the second and third.

This first and second photo below are me preparing the screen for printing. There were a few areas that needed to be 'stopped' out so they wouldn't print. These were areas such as where the acetate had sat together causing a line on the screen. This took about 20 mins to do.

After stopping out I had to use brown tape to tape around the area to print. This is to stop the ink going through the screen and onto the print bed. It also protects the print area on the right which is my black colour. (You need separate images and prints for each colour that you are printing, this first print is the sole colour on my print)

To test the print I am first of all printing onto paper, before printing onto my fabric. Below is the first colour being printed.

First colour on paper;

This is the paper print with both colour and black;

Here is my first colour being printed onto fabric. I've gone for a really bright pink which I think will sit well with the black.

As well as pink I also printed purple. I found that the first colour added shrunk the fabric so my black would not match up completely. This is something to try and sort out when I next print on tues. Either I will have to fill in the gaps or possibly look to using another fabric that will not shrink.

These shots are pink and purple flowers both with black printed;