Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Oct/Nov/Dec mixture of stuff......

The images below are some samples from one of my dye workshops. We  had dyed the fabric and then used some processes, one of these was a discharge process. Printing on top of the fabric and the discharge dye when steamed removes the colour of the fabric and replaces it with the colour of the printed dye.

The following images are some sketches for the next part of my project. I changed my idea to deconstructed patterns taken from insects. These are the start of my drawings.

Another dye workshop. This time we were using a process of painting dye onto a screen. We then printed with a paste through the screen which transfers the dye from the screen onto the fabric.

We then printed another dye on top and I also tried using some discharge dye to discharge another pattern out of the fabric. It was quite fun to play around with the different processes.

 I always forget to wear gloves and I always end up dyeing my hands. This was the worst yet!