Friday, 7 May 2010

April/May Update

The wall covering project went well and I was pleased with the results. I managed to make quite a few backgrounds of black paper and grey acrylic paint that I then tried a few different printing processes on. 
 This image was black flock printed onto black and grey background.

 A little hard to see in the photo because this was black acrylic paint screen printed onto a black and grey background.

I did use the laser cutter to cut out some leaves that I used on the background. This print is a black, grey and gold acrylic paint background, with black laser cut leaves and black acrylic print on top.

One of my favourite prints. This is a black and grey background, and the image is printed using gold foil. Scrunching up the foil before hand gives a nice texture that also sticks to areas of the acrylic used on the background.

Presenting final pieces of work.

Final A1 sized print. Black and grey background with black acrylic print, gold foils and black flock.

Final project of the year is a personal project. I've decided to create patterns for glass using abstract images of flowers. 

Here are a few of my sketches.

I've been using tracing paper to try out different compositions and using Illustrator to put some layouts together. Scanning in images and rotating shapes to create patterns.

As well as using the laser cutter to engrave into perspex, I also created templates with vinyl and brown tape stuck onto glass to use in the sandblaster.

On the left is the glass with the templates on ready to be placed in the sandblaster. On the right are the glass samples with the templates removed. You can just make out the pattern left behind from the sandblaster.

Next step is engrave back into these sandblasted samples with more intricate patterns.

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aine scannell said...

glad to have found your blog and pleased to see you saying that you liked people who were prepared to be different - that's me alright.

It's so interesting to see what you have been doing using the laser cutter in your printmaking. How exciting .